Author: Abdan Zam Zam Ramadhan

Abdan Zam Zam Ramadhan

A technology enthusiast specializing in the development of applications (web & Android), DevOps, Data Tech, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and NLP-based Chatbots. Currently focusing on mastering Node.js and its ecosystem. Actively contributing to JavaScript libraries on NPM (open source) and writing various programming tips and tutorials on BigSourceProject.Com

In Node.js, the forEach() method can be utilized to iterate over an array of objects. Additionally, this method allows operations to be performed on each object within the array. Below is an example of how to use the forEach() method to iterate over an array of objects. Example 1 Output: In the above example, the forEach() method is used to loop through the myObjects array, which contains a collection of objects. Each object is iterated one by one, and the object parameter represents each object within the myObjects array. Then, each object is printed according to its property name, combined…

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